MEG Regeneration

Inland Technologies is a MEG regeneration specialist.

Over the years we have managed spent glycols from a variety of industrial sectors including automotive coolants, aircraft de-icing operations and offshore hydrate inhibition work. To date, we have managed and largely recycled over 1.2 billion liters of glycol wastewater.

Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) is used regularly in the oil and gas industry to prevent the formation of hydrates and the resulting blockages in pipelines and equipment. To reduce costs and the quantity of wasted MEG, MEG is often regenerated. Hydrate formation becomes more frequent at low temperatures and high pressures, making subsea pipelines particularly vulnerable to hydrate formation (where sea bed temperature often ranges between 4 - 10°C). There is a requirement for continual injection of MEG to maintain effective operations. MEG is injected on the platform and processed onshore to recover a MEG concentration suitable for recycling back into the pipeline.

Several years ago, Inland Technologies came up with an alternative process, the MEG Concentrator, which has been used in oil and gas applications. The MEG Concentrator is a low capital, low operating cost system that can take a 1-20% glycol solution and increase the concentration to 50-60%. Inland’s Starcevic Distillation System™ is a further development on the MEG Concentrator and can process a 50% glycol feed up to 98+%.

Inland Technologies' new Starcevic Distillation System™ is a two-stage glycol regeneration package capable of increasing a 50% glycol feed to a 98% virgin-quality glycol. It offers a 20% energy advantage over other equivalent systems and has a 7000 litre per day capacity, a capacity suitable for most pipelines.

The MEG Concentrator and the Starcevic Distillation System™ are easily integrated with other systems and technologies to meet local operating conditions and regulatory limits.

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