Wastewater Management

Inland is an experienced wastewater treatment specialist.

Over the years, we have designed and developed a number of treatment systems using a number of treatment technologies. Depending on influent characterization and release parameters, wastewater treatment can encompass a number of steps, which filter, clarify and clean wastewater from start to finish. On the mechanical side of the equation, Inland has used oil water separator systems, dissolved air flotation [in house design and manufacturing], evaporator/concentrator [in house design and manufacturing] and membrane systems to treat industrial wastewater.

We have also designed biological treatment lagoons and sequential batch reactor systems and worked with biological systems such as reed beds and wetlands for final polishing of effluent.

Below is a simplified diagram of a possible wastewater treatment scheme. Inland is able to design programs that span preliminary to tertiary.

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Wastewater Management
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