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Inland Technologies is a multi-disciplinary environmental services specialist. Inland has been an environmental service provider for over 30 years and in that time has continued to grow and evolve using lessons learned from our past experience, investing in ongoing innovation, and by being committed to the highest levels of service delivery. Next »

Our Experience Makes A Difference

Over the years, Inland's core business focus has evolved to the point where we can say we are broadly experienced. We have designed and built our own hazardous waste management facilities. We have collected and recycled waste oil, managed large waste water treatment lagoons, processed tank sludge, and recycled more glycol than any other company in the world. We employ widely experienced staff and partners to deliver our programs. Next »

Our Innovation Makes A Difference

Inland has been built on continuous and ongoing innovation. We are able to deliver a variety of customized programs because we are skilled in the operation of a number of technologies. Where recycling a material makes economic and environmental sense, we are able to provide a recycling program. Where treatment is the best fit, we are able to manage disposal, anaerobic digestion, or processing via biological system. We are experienced in site characterization, using the latest technology and assessment tools to offer clients clear and accurate remedial action plans.

We are experienced in permit management and often operate under very stringent environmental legislation. Next »

Our People Make A Difference

Inland is committed to the delivery of superior customer service. No two clients or project areas have the same requirements. Inland understands this and will develop customized programs to ensure all environmental goals are fully adhered to.

Inland is an experienced project partner. We work with other companies and universities to ensure the delivery of both a strong technical program and outstanding customer service. Next »

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